Jul 10, 2006 · DOCK/EX paging disabled by default with b7 of SCREEN set. Will also select external ROMs with OUT &7FFD,n*16 with n>3. Shadow memory can page screen out if available by ORing ROM number with 3. BASIC ORs its own ROM number with 3 to try to select shadow memory.
I wired up a Z80 processor to the clock. I got the thing running an endless stream of NOP instructions. No RAM/ROM connected, tying all the bus-lines low, meaning every attempted memory-read returned 0x00 which is the Z80 NOP instruction.

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Registers and Memory. Generally good algorithms on z80 use registers in a appropriate form. It is also a good practise to keep a convention and plan how you are going to use the registers. General use of registers: a - 8-bit accumulator b - counter
In virtual memory systems, demand paging is a type of swapping in which pages of data are not copied from disk to RAM until they are needed. Virtual memory is a technique that allows the execution of processes which are not completely available in...

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I started on a project to make a standalone computer about a year ago, and this page documents the results and what I have learned along the way. Overview of the system. The standalone computer has a Z80 B processor overclocked to run at 8 MHz, which it handles fine. The memory space is divided into 8 kilobytes (KB) of ROM and 56 kilobytes of RAM.
Finding the base 64k is really easy on disk systems... the boot sequence finds them for us, the Slot and Subslot will be stored in the low 4 bits of the memory addresses F341-F344 for bank 0-3 of the Z80 range... of course this will only be usable if we're releasing our game on a Floppy disk.

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When the Z80 was introduced, other CPUs required external logic to interface to the cheaper DRAM memory chips. This reduced costs and simplified designs. The chip also supported existing 8080 code and support chips. You saved money by not having an external DRAM controller. The Z80 also inherited all the 8080 software from the early hobby machines.
I began the project in the spring of 2006, while I was taking a course on microcomputers. My Z80 system will remain a work in progress as long as I can think of new things to add to it. The current specs are: 2MHz 8 bit Zilog Z80 processor; 56 KB static RAM (7 x 8k x 8) 8 KB EEPROM; 1 Mb Flash Memory "hard drive"

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has its own clock source, such as SC104 Z80 SIO/2. Alternatively, this module does not require a clock oscillator if another module can provide the bus clock signal. One I/O port address (0x38) is used for memory paging. Tight address decoding is used for this output port so only writes to this single address are detected. Bit zero
What's the max memory the address could have before entering on page mode.-1 (disabled) `page-size-bytes` The size of each page file used on the paging system: 10MiB (10 \* 1024 \* 1024 bytes) `address-full-policy` This must be set to PAGE for paging to enable. If the value is PAGE then further messages will be paged to disk.

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DOCK/EX paging disabled by default with b7 of SCREEN set. Will also select external ROMs with OUT &7FFD,n*16 with n>3. Shadow memory can page screen out if available by ORing ROM number with 3. BASIC ORs its own ROM number with 3 to try to select shadow memory.
The majority of these old microprocessors use the Z80 CPU which was sort of a standard back then. Some of these "relics" can be best considered "single board computers", others are based on the S-100 bus. S-100 bus systems started out with CPU, memory, disk controller, and console interface on separate S-100 cards, roughly 6" x 10".

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The paged memory model supports a 4MB address space, 1MB of which is used on board. The main header exports all Z80 control lines plus the extended address bus allowing 3MB external. I'm hoping to add a memory mapped video card along the lines of the 70s/early 80s systems which would sit in the paged memory map. Great for simple games!
The general method for programming the Z80 is to load data items into registers, operate on them, and then save the results back to memory. One of the most obvious ways to optimize programs that use this scheme is to carefully decide which items should remain in the CPU registers, how long they should be there, and what methods will be used to ...

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It is a Robotron A5220, a large industrial Z80 based host computer, 2.5 MHz, DRAMs and SRAMs, real-time OS. With a real Z80 as main processor the computer works properly. With GODIL (free running) the computer hangs during boot process. Access to memory in emulator's command mode is possible, we have not yet detected any timeouts.
Z80 Monitor Type Operating System and SBC: EfexV4 is a monitor ROM with inline assembler and disassembler andbasic utilities to write, run and debug your z80 programs in real hardwareEfexMon do not needs CP/M, N8VEM or other complicated hardware. You need only standard Z80 architecture SBC a…

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Does anybody have any other advice about interfacing z80 stuff to an ISA bus? I was going to tie A20 high and use a D-type latch for A19..A12 (output enabled when A15..A12 and MREQ of Z80 high) and make a 4k window in my memory map to access the VGA memory and a similar arrangement for IORQ.
Without going into the history of the ZX Spectrum, I will say it is driven by a 3.5MHz Z80 processor (which is clocked by a custom ULA chip). Anyway, I don't want to use FPGA and I'd rather not emulate the Z80. I plan on using a real Z80. I read about the TeensyZ80 computer that used the Teensy as RAM for a Z80 computer.

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There's a small window of opportunity for another manufacturer to launch a 16-bit, Z80 instruction set compatible machine that can run Microsoft BASIC programs. The Chloe Corporation aims to take 8080 and Z80 users into the 16-bit era with the new Chloe 280SE. Fast-forward to 2019. There are a lot of FPGA-based projects to recreate old ...
Inspired by Nicolet Paratronics' "NICE" Z80 In-Circuit Emulator, but with improved performance and additional features. It can: Display and change 8080 internal registers; Display, disassemble, substitute, fill, compare, and test memory; Write to or read from I/O addresses; Compute 16-bit checksum of memory region
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Jan 22, 2016 · - the Z80 is clocked with 2MHz only, which is quite slow. - there is still no usable multicolour bitmap graphic mode. IIRC SymbOS would end up with 320x200x2 or 640x200x2. - there are no usable memory expansions, which provide that flexible banking SymbOS requires. They all were mostly only used as Ram discs
The 128K Spectrums employ paging to map the extra memory into the 64K Z80 address space. The memory is paged by writing to port &7FFD. RAM – The RAM bank to page into &C000 to &FFFF

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